the moratorium on installation may be extended

The moratorium on the mandatory installation of the ERA-GLONASS system on new cars localized in Russia will expire on June 30, 2022.

Industry participants expect to extend the possibility of producing cars without the ERA-GLONASS system with its subsequent installation. Earlier, representatives of the automotive industry asked the government to abandon the system due to its high cost and deficit, but the idea was rejected.

The sale of cars not equipped with an emergency warning system is currently allowed, but automakers must conduct recall campaigns to retrofit sold vehicles with these devices. At the stage of purchase and operation of cars car owners will be obligatory informed about the need to retrofit. In accordance with the Federal Law “On Technical Regulation”, all measures within the framework of recall campaigns are carried out at the expense of car manufacturers.

Since 2017, all new cars imported into Russia or sold in the country must be equipped with ERA-GLONASS modules, from which accidents are automatically reported and the exact coordinates of the car are transmitted.

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