The Ministry of Industry and Trade defined the criteria for what brands will be allowed for parallel imports

At the end of March, the Russian government legalized parallel imports – the possibility of selling goods to bypass the bans of manufacturers and rights holders. The list of goods should be formed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which is now working on this.

As reported by the publication Izvestia, the authorities have already decided on the criteria for parallel imports. Although the final list has not yet been presented, the general principles are already clear.

As the Ministry of Industry and Trade told reporters, parallel imports will be allowed exclusively for those brands whose owners have announced the termination or suspension of their activities in Russia. The final list of brands from light industry and other sectors of the consumer market will be presented soon.

As stressed in the department, if the sale of a novelty of such a brand started anywhere in the world, it should be possible to legally buy it in Russia.

Over the past month, about 200 foreign companies, including Nike, Adidas, Lego, Samsung, IKEA, Apple, Chanel, BMW and many others, announced the suspension of activities in Russia.

That said, half of Russians don’t miss Western brands. The rest suffer most from IKEA, McDonald’s, and Apple.

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