The metaverse world will offer virtual goods

Meta intends to charge people navigating its proprietary metaverse environment special fees of up to 47.5% for selling their virtual goods in it. The company announced this week that it is already testing the first remaining trial version of such a mechanism on its Metaverse Horizon Worlds platform.

Those operating in the Metaverse environment will be able to sell in it, for example, various accessories designed for avatars, or offer them access to parts of their own personalized virtual worlds.

The company is thus following in the footsteps of Apple, which also charges developers offering virtual goods through the App Store. However, these are lower and amount to 30% of the value of the offered item. It is interesting that Meta has previously strongly criticised Apple for charging such fees, and now follows in its footsteps, even raising the price upwards, so that the creator of a virtual good asking for it, for example, 100 PLN, must settle for 52.5 PLN.

Meta, in an announcement published earlier this week, says that for now a very small number of virtual goods creators will be able to test the feature. This will only include users in the United States and Canada who are over the age of 18.

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