The Meike MK-EFTM-C adapter has a variable density neutral filter

The future of Canon’s EF-M line of APS-C-format cameras doesn’t look promising, but camera accessory manufacturer Meike isn’t giving up hope just yet. That company has announced a product called the MK-EFTM-C, which is an adapter from the EF to EF-M mount with a plug-in variable density neutral filter (VND).

This is not the first EF-EF-M adapter with a built-in VND filter, but in the MK-EFTM-C the filter can be removed by replacing it with the transparent filter included in the kit in cases where all light is needed.

The MK-EFTM-C supports transferring data from the lens to the camera for EXIF recording and the image stabilization and autofocus functions of EF and EF-S lenses mounted on the adapter. According to Maike, the adapter is made of metal and is resistant to dust and water. The VND plug-in filter that comes with the adapter provides 1.5-9 EV light reduction.

The adapter is 73 mm in diameter, 26.7 mm long, and weighs 126 g. The adapter costs $160. The kit includes covers, a VND plug-in filter and a clear filter.

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