The first Lincoln electric car with a unique trunk is unveiled

Lincoln has unveiled the Star luxury crossover, which is equipped with an electric powertrain. This is Lincoln’s first electric vehicle.

The Star is more elegant than Lincoln’s existing lineup and includes luminous exterior elements. The front trunk is covered by electrochromic glass, which becomes transparent when in motion. The front struts and D-pillars (in the back) are made of metal and 3D-printed.

The interior includes special relaxation-oriented rear seats. The brand advertises “rejuvenating moods” that synchronize displays, sounds and even scents to soothe or cheer you up.

A giant panoramic front display extends across the entire width of the car. Underneath it is a much smaller control screen. The rear passengers have their own displays, and there is also a compartment in the rear where you can charge your devices wirelessly.

Star connects to other vehicles and city networks and will be equipped with assistance systems to help with driving and parking, as well as avoiding accidents.

Powertrain specifications have not yet been given. Lincoln plans to release four electric car models by 2026 and expects more than half of its sales to be electric models by the mid-2020s.

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