The first accident involving a Tesla and the world’s best-selling private jet caught on video

The following video, originally posted on the social network Reddit, shows the Tesla Model Y slowly driving into the back of a parked plane.

How the car ended up at the airfield is unknown, but the source writes that the Tesla Model Y was moving in Summon mode, where the owner can leave the car in the parking lot and then give the command to drive up to the required point.

Two people can be seen in the footage, one of whom may be operating the vehicle remotely. The Tesla is even trying to continue driving after a collision with an airplane. This suggests that the Tesla’s sensor suite is not designed to detect objects as high above the ground as the tail of this plane.

The incident, occurred at Felt’s Field near Spokane, Wash. Comments on Reddit suggest that the aircraft manufacturer Cirrus was conducting some sort of event at the time of the incident.

A source writes that the Cirrus Vision Jet we see in the video cost about $2 million. MotorTrend has reached out to Cirrus for more information about the video.

We can confirm that the plane in the video is a Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet. It has been the world’s best-selling private jet for three consecutive years. The award-winning Vision Jet features the Safe Return Autoland system, which allows it to land at the touch of a button, as well as the revolutionary Cirrus Airframe parachute system.

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