The creators of Pokemon GO decided to repeat the success. Peridot – new augmented reality game introduced

Niantic Studios, the studio that developed the incredibly popular and financially successful Pokemon GO game, has unveiled its new project called Peridot. The new game is similar in concept to Pokemon GO, only this time the focus is on caring for, raising and breeding creatures rather than hunting them. The creatures in the new game, called Peridots, look a lot like Pokémon. The games have different histories, but the outward resemblance is silly to deny.

The essence of the game is that you must care for these creatures, raise them, and strive to diversify their species to protect them from extinction. Players can pet, play, feed, and teach peridot tricks to keep them healthy and growing.

Peridot also has a multiplayer component, which is described loosely: “Team up and collaborate with other players around the world to expand the Peridot species. Breed your own unique creatures and discover the limitless possibilities of the Peridot archetype.”

Niantic has already opened pre-registration for players. The pilot launch will be limited to certain markets, but the final version will be available worldwide on Android and iOS.

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