The cost of iPhone repair has risen significantly in Russia

In Russia, the cost of repairing Apple smartphones began to rise sharply. The resource was the first to point out the problem.

It is noted that all types of iPhone repairs at authorized Apple service centers have gone up in price. Some types of repairs have increased in price by 54% compared to the rates observed two months ago.

However, Apple’s authorized service centers are still operating, are not closing, and have the necessary components for repairs.

Changed repair rates for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Pro Max:

  • iPhone 12 display replacement: was 27,990 rubles, became 32,690 rubles
  • Replacement of iPhone 12 rear glass: was 34,490 rubles, became 40,790 rubles
  • Replacement of the iPhone 12 case: was 34,990 rubles 40,790 rubles
  • iPhone 12 speaker repair: was 6990 rubles 9690 rubles
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max battery replacement: was 6,490 rubles, became 9,790 rubles
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max display replacement: was 32,990 rubles, became 36,290 rubles
  • Replacement of the iPhone 11 Pro Max case: was 58,990 rubles, became 65,690 rubles
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max speaker repair: was 5990 rubles, became 8890 rubles
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