The best-selling iPhone 11 has fallen in price in Russia

In Russia, the smartphone iPhone 11 (review) has fallen in price to a new record level. This was reported by the resource Hi-Tech

At the time of the launch of iPhone 11 sales, in the fall of 2019, its starting price in Russia was 60 thousand rubles.

Now the iPhone 11 is offered in Russian stores at a much cheaper price. In some stores, iPhone 11 with 64 GB of flash memory can be found for 42 thousand rubles, and the record offer for Moscow is 41,450 rubles.

In 2020, the iPhone 11 was the world’s top seller. Moreover, in the first quarter and half of 2021, iPhone 11 also won the title of the best-selling smartphone in Russia. Moreover, in early 2022, iPhone 11 was still called the most popular gadget among users in Russia.

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