The basis for many 2022 and 2023 camera phones. Details about the Sony IMX866 sensor have emerged

The Sony IMX866 sensor, which will be used in many 2022 and 2023 flagship (and beyond) smartphones, will be larger than the IMX766.

According to a recent update, the 50-megapixel sensor will have a 16:11 aspect ratio and a 1/1.49-inch optical format. By comparison, the IMX766 has 1/1.56 inches.

That said, there’s not much of a difference, so it’s hardly worth betting on just that. In addition, it is worth remembering that in modern smartphones a good sensor is conditionally only half of the success, because the software is very important.

The first smartphones with IMX866 should be Vivo’s X80 line of devices. Considering that Vivo now makes some of the best camera phones, the new sensor could allow the company to break into the lead.

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