The amazing Ryzen 7000. Motherboards for the new CPUs will not support DDR4, and the older models will get a dual-chip chipset

The idea of splitting one CPU chip into multiple chipsets once proved to be a gold mine for AMD. We are already used to chipsets in CPUs, now it seems that AMD is going to use the same solution in motherboards as well.

According to fresh data, the X670 system logic kit for the new generation Ryzen 7000 CPU will consist of two chipsets. At the same time, the B650 chipset will remain single-chip. It is not clear yet why AMD decided to resort to such a solution in this area as well, but apparently, as in the case of the CPU, it’s all about cheaper production and simplified design. By the way, it’s worth mentioning that chipsets of X670 logic set will be identical to each other, i.e. it’s not about returning to the old principle of north and south bridge division.

Recall that AMD already has a dual-chip GPU as well – it’s the basis of the specialized Instinct MI250X gas pedal. And later this year, video cards of Radeon RX 7000 line will be released, the older models of which will also be based on dual-chip GPUs.

Another curious detail shared by the source is that at least the X670 and B650 chipsets for Ryzen 7000 processors will allegedly not support DDR4 RAM. It is unclear whether the corresponding controller will be in the CPUs themselves, but even so, the decision is controversial given the prices of DDR5. Intel’s Raptor Lake processors, due out at the end of the year, will continue to support both DDR4 and DDR5.

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