The all-new AMD processor has made its debut in a benchmark. The presence of Ryzen 7000 desktop graphics core is confirmed

As early as September, Raphael generation Ryzen 7000 desktop processors will hit the market, according to the latest data. And today one such CPU showed up in a benchmark.

Its name is unknown, but it is an octa-core solution with SMT support and up to 5.21 GHz. For AMD processors this is a huge value. For comparison, Ryzen 9 5950X peak frequency is 4.9GHz.

In addition, for the first time it is confirmed that such processors will get an integrated GPU. Such rumors were already there, but they have been confirmed only now. That is, all desktop Ryzen 7000 will have a graphics core.

Raphael’s integrated graphics has the identifier GFX1036, which is part of the same GFX1030 branch as Beige Goby, Yellow Carp and Van Gogh, all of which are iGPU RDNA 2. That’s why the iGPU Radeon Audio controller is identified as Rembrandt. Recall, this is the codename of the Ryzen 6000 series of mobile processors.

The benchmark results are of little interest to us, as they are quite modest. Probably, the engineering sample under load worked at low frequencies.

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