The affordable Redmi Display 1A Pro is ready for release

The Redmi brand entered the monitor market in 2020 with the introduction of the Redmi Display 1A. Since then, the company has released a number of high-quality displays, including gaming monitors, but none of them are in the same price range as the Redmi Display 1A. Sources say that the company will soon release another affordable display.

New data indicates that the Redmi Display 1A Pro has been certified by regulator TUV Rheinland. The source writes that the device will have a display similar to the Redmi Display 1A, which filters out harmful blue light.

The detailed specs of the Redmi Monitor 1A are unknown, but obviously the monitor should be better than its predecessor. The display could have a refresh rate of 144Hz or even higher. Also expected are such features as AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync.

The design of the Pro version is unlikely to be much different from the Redmi Display 1A, but the price should be a bit higher. The original Redmi Display 1A costs about $107 in China.

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