That doesn’t sound very environmentally friendly. Elon Musk was condemned for using an airplane to fly 50 kilometers

Elon Musk has always presented his brainchild, Tesla, as a company for which environmental issues and concern for the environment come first. However, he himself made a rather reckless step that made users doubt that Musk is a true eco-activist: the head of Tesla used his private jet to fly a distance of 50 km. That is the distance between San Jose and San Francisco.

This is what the route of Ilon Musk’s non-environmental flight looks like

According to ElonJet, a resource that records all of Elon Musk’s movements on the plane, the flight took only 9 minutes. It is clear that in this way the head of Tesla saved a lot of time, but the amount of harmful emissions of such a short flight is incomparable with the emissions of an ordinary car trip even in a car with an internal combustion engine, not to mention the Tesla.

Naturally, this fact sparked a heated discussion on Twitter. Some are ironic, saying that Musk is buying Twitter in order to shut down the account that tracks the movements of his plane, others joke about traffic jams on the road between the two cities. But many, in fact, reproach the head of Tesla in hypocrisy, they say, Musk talks a lot about caring about the environment, but he takes a private plane into the air for 50 km. One Twitter user put it this way: “Elon promotes Tesla as an ‘environmentally friendly’ company, while at the same time he uses his plane to travel short distances, polluting [окружающую среду] more than I do with my car in a year. Wow, what a hero.”

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