Starlink was banned from using civilians in Ukraine. The decision was immediately criticized

Ukraine has restricted the use of Starlink satellite Internet to civilian users, explaining that mass use by civilians could interfere with the military.

According to the resource, such a decision was immediately criticized, justifying it by the fact that Starlink terminals were also used by volunteers, providers and a variety of people in regions where communication is difficult.

The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (Gosspetssvyazi) published the following message:

The mass use of Starlink satellite internet may partly affect the operation of radio relay equipment of the Ukrainian military. Therefore, the use of SpaceX network access terminals by consumers other than critical infrastructure facilities is limited.


Now they plan to do calculations and a number of studies to find out how much the operation of the terminals on the frequencies they use can affect other users.

There are no artificial bans or restrictions on the use of the Internet with Starlink. All citizens and businesses will be able to access satellite Internet after all necessary procedures are completed.


Earlier it became known that a Starlink office would appear in Ukraine.

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