Sony’s fresh PlayStation 3 update cuts down on the console’s features

Sony today released a system software update for its well-deserved veteran PlayStation 3 gaming console (review).

Recall that the PlayStation 3 was released 15.5 years ago – in November 2006. The latest update on the one hand strengthens the protection of user data, but on the other hand it blocks important features. Here is what Sony writes in a note for the firmware release number 4.89:

To log in to PlayStation Network, you must now enter your device password, which strengthens account security.&#13
Creating an account for PlayStation Network and some account management features are no longer available on the console. Use account management features with enhanced performance, speed and security on your PC or mobile browser.

Thus, the release of firmware 4.89 can be seen as a symbol of the “end of an era” of the legendary PlayStation 3. Users will no longer be able to create accounts from it and manage existing accounts. Instead, they will have to use the browser on their PC or mobile device.

The previous update, numbered 4.88, came out for the PlayStation 3 almost a year ago, in June 2021, improving security and usability.

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