Smartphones and other electronics in Russia will be enough until the summer

According to Izvestia, stocks of smartphones, imported electronics and home appliances in Russian stores will be sufficient until the summer. The worst situation is with household appliances – in particular, built-in appliances have disappeared almost completely.

In particular, laptops and computers will be enough until August-September, provided that equipment ordered in winter and now stuck in Europe arrives in Russia. An employee of an unknown retailer adds that stocks of iPhones and Macs will be enough until June.

Predicting exactly when gadgets will run out is problematic – it all depends on demand. Due to rising prices, as well as the fact that demand for electronics was frenetic in late February and early March, sales in May could slump sharply, the source added.


Some categories will be difficult to replace with other brands in the short term. Among them are premium models of home appliances, flagship smartphones, smart watches and game consoles. The Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that Russia has formed sufficient stocks of refrigerators, washing machines, smartphones, electric kettles, televisions, computers, microwave ovens, gas and electric stoves with ovens.

We have expanded the available line of smartphones, laptops, fully stocked all the necessary equipment for the summer season – air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, fans, water heaters, electric vehicles and more.


It is believed that the deficit will be avoided after developing a mechanism for parallel imports from Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

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