Shooting in darkness, almost like daylight. Vivo X80 Pro showed off its photo capabilities in low light

Just when we had time to talk in absentia about the excellent night photography capabilities of the upcoming Vivo X80 smartphones, new details have emerged on the web.

For starters, it’s worth checking out a photo of the back of the X80 Pro model. It clearly shows including a periscope TV, placed slightly away from the other image sensors. So, just like its predecessor, it will provide excellent zoom capabilities.

As for shooting in low light, the smartphone will offer the ability to preview such a picture, which no other smartphone on the market now provides.

The picture also allows us to evaluate the capabilities of the smartphone. Here we can’t talk about detail or color accuracy simply because of the poor photo quality of the shooting process, but you can clearly see how much lighter the image is in the middle, which is consistent with Vivo’s novelty.

As a reminder, the new smartphones will be based on the Dimensity 9000 SoC, which means their performance will be top notch.

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