Segway released the Ninebot Engine Speaker, which adds the roar of a powerful engine to the electric scooter

Segway has introduced a new accessory for electric scooters. The Ninebot Engine Speaker is a wireless speaker that easily attaches to Segway electric scooters.

The main highlight was the ability not only to play the user’s favorite music, but also to add to the electric scooter the roar of motors of various kinds.

The speaker comes with a mount that fits Segway, Ninebot, GoKarts and electric bikes. Once installed, the speaker looks like an extra battery for an electric scooter. The speaker has its own 2200 mAh battery, which provides 23 hours of battery life and is charged via USB-C. The speaker is protected against dust and water (IP55).

The accessory can find and connect to a Segway/Ninebot vehicle and switch to different engine modes: single-cylinder, twin-cylinder, V8 and V12. The speaker will synchronize with the accelerator pedal and roar when accelerating, climbing, and at idle. Such a toy costs $150;

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