Sberbank prevented a large-scale attack on the cards of Russians by a Ukrainian company

Fraudsters come up with new schemes to defraud. Sberbank warns Russians about possible attacks

Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of Sberbank, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the bank had prevented a large-scale attack on Russians’ cards by a Ukrainian app development company.

Almost immediately after the start of the special operation, we stopped mass debits from our clients’ cards. The number of attempted debits was in the tens of thousands per minute. Our investigation revealed that these charges were initiated by a Ukrainian mobile app developer.

Stanislav Kuznetsov

The company, which has about 50 different apps, collected and stored customers’ bank card data, violating international payment system requirements: “And everything was perfectly legal, because they were selling legal services in the apps: subscriptions to meal plans, fitness programs, and so on. One day the company initiated massive debits across the entire accumulated database. We rejected several hundred thousand write-off attempts.

He added that attackers were three times more likely to find victims on social media and were increasingly targeting young people 18-22 years old.

Earlier, major banks confirmed that the number of attacks had recently increased amid the imposition of sanctions.

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