Sber sight payment now works in Smartix self-service cash desks

Sber and VisionLabs announced that sight payment will become available at Smartix self-service cash desks. This is an innovative service based on computer vision technology.

To make a payment, simply look into the camera: payment takes a few seconds, and the customer doesn’t even need to take out his card or smartphone.

Any Sber customer can connect the service. To do this, in the mobile application Sberbank Online, you need to go to the card settings, select “Payment with one look” and take a selfie. Then, at the Smartix self-service checkout, the customer only needs to select the appropriate payment method and take a look into the camera.

Using computer vision, the system detects a person’s face, selects the best frame and extracts a biometric template from it, which is then compared with the bank’s existing database. If a match is found between the biometric template and the linked card, the transaction is approved.

Payment security has been given a lot of attention. The system is protected against spoofing attacks using printed photos, videos from mobile devices’ screens or 3D masks.

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