Samsung TVs on brand new panels. The company boasted of a major achievement in the production of QD-OLED panels

Samsung has revealed that its QD-OLED panel output has reached 75 percent.

Previously, there was a lot of evidence that Samsung could not yet switch to the new TV panel technology because of the low yield rate. This would simply make such TVs too expensive compared to models equipped with OLED or quantum dot panels.

The source believes that Samsung decided to release this information to reassure the company’s employees as the QD-OLED controversy continues. While praising employees for their hard work, the company urged them to redouble their efforts to increase the figure to 90% or higher in the near future.

Samsung Display began shipping QD-OLED panels in November 2021. The company currently produces 30,000 wafers per month, which allows it to produce about 1 million 55- and 65-inch panels per year.

The company’s main customer in this area is Dell. Samsung is also negotiating with Asus, Lenovo and HP. Samsung itself should release its first QD-OLED TVs as early as this month.

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