Samsung succeeded in doing what Apple failed to do. The giant Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra survived the bending test, unlike the iPad Pro

Blogger JerryRigEverything decided this time to put a tablet, not a smartphone, to the test. And his choice fell on the new giant Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Recall, this is a tablet with a screen diagonal of 14.6 inches, that is larger than many modern laptops.

In this case, the bend test becomes as relevant as possible. Especially considering the thickness of the body is only 5.5 mm!

And, surprisingly, the tablet passed this test. The device did not burst or even cracked. Here it would be appropriate to remember the iPad Pro on SoC M1, which did not withstand a similar test, despite its smaller size and greater thickness.

How exactly Samsung managed to tangibly strengthen the design, will show the parse, but it is clearly a plus for the device. As for the rest of the tests, they, as always, do not make much sense.

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