Samsung showed a new generation of smartphones with foldable and retractable screens

For the first time in three years, Display Week is taking place, and Samsung is a key exhibitor with its new generation of foldable and retractable OLED screens. In addition to the standard foldable smartphones, Samsung has a lot in store.

The source writes, Samsung already has several prototypes that it brought to the show:

  • Samsung Flex Bar: horizontal separation, like in the Z Flip lineup
  • Samsung Flex Square: Vertical separation, like in the Z Fold series
  • Samsung Flex G: A triple-folding device whose edges overlap each other. The screen can be bent inward or outward
  • Samsung Flex S: simpler triple folding design with three equal parts
  • Samsung Flex Note: a foldable laptop whose half can be used as a screen or input area
  • Samsung Flex Slide: Retractable display, can stretch vertically or horizontally
  • Samsung Flex Roll: A collapsible display device in which most of the screen can be minimized when it is not needed

Specifically, Samsung showed off a 6.7-inch vertical slider whose screen slides up, as well as a horizontal slider whose screen size increases from 8.1 to 12.4 inches.

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