Samsung offers to swap two old smartphones for a new flagship in the U.S.

Samsung has announced a big sale, with discounts of up to $500 on The Frame and Neo QLED TVs in the U.S., as well as good deals on modern smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, usually priced from $1,200, is available at a $250 discount for all buyers. When you exchange your old smartphone, the discount can be as much as $640, or $465 if your smartphone has a cracked screen. You can exchange two smartphones and buy a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 128GB of storage for just $310.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phone is $1,000, but Samsung will offer a discount of up to $875 or $695 for devices with a cracked screen. If you trade in two smartphones at the maximum discount, the price can drop to $125 (the 128GB version). You’ll also get $50 off accessories (like a protective case) and another $50 off purchases on the Google Play Store.

The standard price for the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is $1,800, but buyers can get a discount of up to $1,100 for exchanging an old smartphone or up to $820 for devices with a cracked screen. The minimum price when exchanging two devices is $700 for the 256GB version. With the purchase, you’ll get $200 off Samsung accessories and $100 off the Google Play Store.

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