Samsung helps Apple produce the Apple M1 SoC and wants to participate in the release of the Apple M2

Apple’s M1 single-chip systems are used in the MacBook, Mac and iPad lines, so the company needs more and more chips. This means that any company that enters Apple’s supply chain of single-chip systems will reap serious financial benefits.

Samsung is one such supplier to Apple and makes FC-BGA substrates, which are crucial for today’s high-density chips. Naturally, the South Korean technology giant also wants to participate in the production of Apple’s M2 single-chip systems.

According to various sources, Samsung Electro-Mechanics division is pretty close to striking a deal with Apple to produce the same FC-BGA substrates for Apple’s M2 line of mobile platforms.

This coincides with recent reports that Samsung has invested more than $1 billion to build an FC-BGA substrate manufacturing plant in Vietnam and another more than $241 million in an existing plant in South Korea.

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