Samsung halved the price of the Galaxy S22 line and quickly sold more than a million smartphones in South Korea

We previously reported that mobile carriers in South Korea halved the price of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphones to support a sharp drop in sales amid a controversy over the Game Optimizing Service (GOS), which reduces performance in games.

The source confirms that this has paid off, with South Korean carriers selling more than a million Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones in far less time than it took the Samsung Galaxy S21. However, the source adds that the decision to sharply lower prices was made by Samsung. And it is the manufacturer that will incur the loss.

Yes, the company can take credit for the quick execution of the plan, but this will affect the profit figures of the South Korean giant in the next reporting period. However, the company’s latest financial report showed that it can afford it.

“When discounts are increased at the same time in all three telecom companies, that is the decision of the manufacturer,” the source said, confirming that this is Samsung’s way of trying to make amends after the scandal.

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