sales on the secondary market have increased markedly

In the first quarter of this year, sales of used smartphones on the platforms of free ads “Avito”, “Yula” and “Ads VKontakte” noticeably increased. Deficient models of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are in the greatest demand.

According to free classifieds platform Avito, 16% more devices were sold between January and March compared to the same period last year and 9% more than in the previous quarter. Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi devices accounted for 82% of all sales.

Pavel Komarov, head of the company’s Home Appliances and Electronics category, said that both flagships from past years and smartphones from current ranges at lower prices are popular on Avito. If a year ago in March to February sales declined, but in 2022 they increased by more than 15%, and the frequency of transactions increased by 30%.

The average cost of a used smartphone is 20.5 thousand rubles, while the average cost of the iPhone is 28.3 thousand rubles. At the same time, the average price of the iPhone on the primary market in Russia was 64 thousand rubles, but since early March, Apple has stopped supplying its products. For new Samsungs the price has increased by more than 50%, and for used models – so far only by 10%.

Yule and VKontakte Ads sold 10% more smartphones in the first quarter compared to the same period a year earlier, and 13% more than in the previous quarter. The number of announcements for the sale of smartphones increased by 30%.

We have already reported that Russian electronics retailers are launching buybacks and resales of used smartphones amid the crisis. In particular, Svyaznoy has already done it, with Smart Bazar, a company controlled by MegaFon, becoming a smartphone redemption partner. Citilink also has an iPhone resale project.

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