Sales of Volkswagen in Russia collapsed by 91%, Volvo – by 92%, Lexus – by 97%. Report on the Russian new car market in April is published

The Association of European Businesses (AEB) today released statistics on auto sales in the country in April. As it turned out, sales collapsed on average by 78.5% – compared to April last year. So, if in April 2021 119,258 cars were sold, in April of this year – only 32,706 cars.

The report clearly shows that for some brands sales have practically stopped. For example, if in April 2021 2,036 Lexus cars were sold, in April of this year – only 62 cars. The drop in sales for this Japanese brand was 97%. The situation with Volvo isn’t better: 75 sold cars vs. 892 a year before. There is a 92% drop. Volkswagen and Toyota brands synchronously collapsed by 91%. However, there is one brand that managed to double its sales in the current environment! This is Exeed, owned by Chery. It sold 403 cars this April compared with 200 in April a year earlier. Interestingly, Isuzu is also in the black, but at a more modest 33%.

And this is how the list of the 25 most popular car models among Russians in April 2022 looks like.

It is easy to explain Lada’s leadership by the fact that domestic cars, despite all the twists and turns in the market, did not rise in price as much as cars of foreign brands. It was also easier to find them in stock, even though factories were constantly going into downtime.

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