“Safe and easy as an iPhone.” Apple published a funny Apple Card commercial

Apple has released a new commercial for the Apple Card, introduced back in 2019. Getting a virtual Apple Card is easy: Just open the Wallet app on your iPhone and tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the display. You’ll then see a menu with the option to “Apply for an Apple Card.”

This is exactly the situation described in the video. A man with purchases approaches the cash register, he tries to find the money, doing so rather impulsively. Eventually he pulls out his iPhone, opens on the Wallet app, and applies for an Apple Card.

Apple claims that you can get an Apple Card in minutes. One of the main features of the Apple Card is the instant Daily Cash cashback: 2% on any purchases through Apple Pay, 3% on purchases in Apple apps and stores, and 1% on purchases with a physical Apple Card are instantly returned to your Apple Card account after the transaction is made.

Apple’s Apple Card partner is international banking house Goldman Sachs. The Apple Card is accepted wherever Mastercard is available, that is, virtually everywhere. Apple notes that the Apple Card is “as safe and simple as an iPhone.

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