Rutube management was aware of the vulnerabilities in the service’s infrastructure. Losses could amount to up to 1 billion rubles

New details continue to emerge about the largest hacker attack in the history of the video service Rutube, as a result of which it is not working for the third consecutive day.

The source writes that it may take more than a week for Rutube to recover from the hacker attack. At the same time, the company’s management had been previously warned about the vulnerabilities in the service’s infrastructure.

Back on October 25, 2021, the security director of Rutform LLC (Rutube’s legal entity) sent a memo to former CEO Alexei Nazarov describing the vulnerabilities of the service. A Group-IB subsidiary was to supply Rutube with server equipment and test its security. However, as a result, Rutube received a “non-functional” solution, and the damage amounted to more than 407 million rubles. Losses due to recovery costs and loss of advertising revenue could amount to 500 million to 1 billion rubles. This estimate was given by Sergei Zvenigorodsky, director of the sales department of investment company “Vector X”.

Luka Safonov, general director of Cyberpolygon, said that after this unpleasant incident, the Rutube service could simply not have had time to change contractors or make a new purchase.

The company is investigating the incident, which will take from a week and a half to three weeks. After that, it will be possible to say if any Rutube employee was behind the attack.

It was previously reported that the service engaged several expert teams, particularly a team from Positive Technologies’ Expert Security Center (PT Expert Security Center), to deal with the cyberattack that Rutube faced on May 9.

Prior to that, RuTube stated that the information regarding the loss of the site’s source code was untrue.

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