RuTube is rumored to be “beyond repair” after a major attack

According to The Village, citing a source close to the domestic video service RuTube team, the situation turned out to be far more serious than it might have seemed yesterday after the hacker attack.

Recall that yesterday RuTube representatives confirmed that the service was subjected to a cyberattack, as a result of which it temporarily does not work. The attack began around 5 a.m. yesterday, and as a result, the source writes, the site’s code was completely deleted and the video service “cannot be restored.”

RuTube allegedly still doesn’t understand whether the hacker still has access to the system or not anymore. However, the source reports that the video content was not damaged as a result of the attack, and adds that the attack was possible due to leaked access codes.

RuTube’s official Telegram page posted several messages after the hack, specifically stating the following

A large team has been working for more than 15 hours to restore the platform, which, remember, in recent months has been visited by tens of millions of users and to which tens of thousands of videos are uploaded. Specialists continue to solve the problem, partners were also involved in resolving the situation, and at the moment the work on the recovery is in full swing.


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