Rutube has been restored after a powerful cyberattack. Service is scheduled to launch today

Rutube CEO Alexander Moiseyev said that the team of the domestic video service restored the functionality of the platform after a powerful cyberattack, and added that the service is scheduled to launch today.

We have successfully completed the first phase of restoring platform functionality and intend to launch video hosting today. At the moment the platform is undergoing load testing and additional vulnerability testing.

Alexander Moiseyev

In addition, Alexey Novikov, director of the Positive Technologies Security Expert Center (PT Expert Security Center) gave his comment: “Together with Rutube specialists, we are conducting control work, after which the video hosting will be brought into the external loop. Also, we are working on restoring the chronology of the attacker’s actions, identifying the full list of infrastructure elements affected by the incident, and collecting data on the characteristics of the used technical tools, etc. This is necessary in order to “weed out” the attackers from the infrastructure and cut off possible ways for them to return.

Earlier, the hacker group Anonymous, which declared cyber war on the Russian government after launching a special military operation, claimed responsibility for hacking the platform and said that Rutube was probably gone forever. However, RuTube had previously stated that information regarding the loss of the site’s source code was not true.

Earlier there were reports that it could take more than a week for Rutube to recover from the hacker attack. At the same time, the company’s management was warned about the vulnerabilities in the service’s infrastructure beforehand. Losses due to recovery costs and loss of advertising revenue could range from 500 million to 1 billion rubles.

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