Russian store Android applications NashStore want to pre-install on all smartphones sold in Russia

ANO Digital Platforms, which is developing an analogue of Google Play’s Android app store called NashStore, has asked the RF Ministry of Digital Affairs to include the store in the list of pre-installed programs on smartphones of Russians.

In order for users to have the opportunity to install familiar services, and for developers to make money, it is necessary not just to create a domestic app store, but to create a legal mechanism for it to be pre-installed on all smartphones sold in Russia.

Vladimir Zykov, Project Director of ANO Digital Platforms

Yesterday, Huawei removed Russian bank apps from its branded AppGallery store that had fallen under U.S. blocking sanctions. VTB Online, Promsvyazbank, and Otkritie apps disappeared. As Vladimir Zykov noted, after that it became quite clear that Russia should rely only on its own strength.

Vladimir Zykov confirmed that the launch of NashStore is scheduled for May 9. More than 700 companies are involved in the creation of the app store.

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