Russian cinemas will show the restored “Cipollino,” “The Adventures of Buratino” and “The Mystery of the Third Planet

The press service of Central Partnership said that already in June, restored versions of the Soviet cartoons “The Adventures of Buratino,” “Cipollino” and “The Mystery of the Third Planet” will be broadcast in Russian cinemas.

On June 1, Alexei Tolstoy’s fairy tale “The Adventures of Buratino” will begin to be screened. On June 9, “Cipollino” will be shown, and “The Mystery of the Third Planet” will be screened on June 16 this year.

A lot of work was done on the cartoons to eliminate image defects and inaccuracies, as reported by representatives of Soyuzmultfilm. Cartoon director Natalia Orlova worked on “The Mystery of the Third Planet”.

The legendary cartoons will appear to the viewer practically in the very form in which they existed at the time of their premiere decades ago. In this way, today’s children will have the opportunity to experience the richness of the “golden collection,” many of whose masterpieces have been overshadowed for many years precisely because of their image quality, and their parents will get to see their favorite films in a new way.

Yulia Osetinskaya, general producer of Soyuzmultfilm

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