Russian bloggers lost 80% of their income after popular social networks were blocked

Analysts polled by Izvestia claim that Russian bloggers have lost up to 80% of their income over the past month.

Of course, this applies to bloggers who published their content on Instagram (owned by Meta, recognized as an extremist organization), Facebook (owned by Meta, recognized as an extremist organization), YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and other popular platforms.

Analysts also noted that despite all the bloggers’ appeals to other platforms, only the most loyal fans followed them, which turned out to be only 3-7% of the total user base.

Experts also make a prediction that bloggers’ income will not return to its previous level, even if they attract the attention of a new audience. The fact is that most companies today are cutting promotion costs, which was a large part of bloggers’ earnings.

Recently, domestic sites have recorded an increase in the number of new users. The number of visitors to Rutube increased by 64% in the last month. The audience of Boosty platform (a platform for monetization of author’s content from Donationalerts service, part of VKontakte) in March increased by 432% compared to the same month last year.

Recall that after the blocking of social networks, Russians began to actively use VPN-services. In Russia, since January 2022, by early April, the number of users of VPN services increased 53.5 times.

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