Russia will stop fining for minor traffic violations, but will actively fight drunk driving

The State Traffic Police of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs said that officers of the State Automobile Inspectorate will focus on those that directly contribute to accidents, in particular, drunken driving. At the same time, officers will not prosecute drivers for minor traffic violations.

The main activities of the traffic police will focus on the prevention and suppression of traffic offenses, which do not belong to the categories of minor, directly contributing to the commission of road accidents. Minor offenses are offenses, the actions or inaction of which, although formally contains signs of an administrative offense, but taking into account the nature of the offense and the role of the offender, as well as the amount of harm and severity of the consequences do not represent a significant violation of protected public legal relations.

State Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

This weekend, regional officers will conduct raids to find traffic violators. In most regions, the events will be devoted to detecting drunk drivers.

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