Russia started to create a national “data lake”

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Mintsifry Rossii) has announced the launch of a project to create a so-called national data lake.

DataLake refers to large amounts of data collected in “raw” form. The project is officially called GosData.hub. It brings together the streams of impersonal data from various government agencies. According to the press service, the national data lake systematizes the storage and processing of data for government analytical services, will simplify the preparation of reports to government agencies and budgetary organizations, through the automated formation of documents according to predetermined algorithms. All collected data will go into the lake in an impersonal form, their depersonalization will take place on the side of the data provider.

Maksut Shadaev, head of the Russian Ministry of Digital, said:

GosData.hub will aggregate impersonal data from all levels of government and enable the formation of advanced analytics. First of all, we will launch analytics services for IT and communications. The government will incentivize businesses to provide anonymized data for specific areas that are critical to the government system. The data exchange will be two-way: impersonal data from state datasets can also be used by businesses to develop their own solutions.

Initially, the data sets collected in GosData.hub will be available to government agencies, but in the long term, businesses will also have access to them, for which a datamarket, one of the public sections of the National Data Management System (NDMS), will be created. The main implementation site of the national data lake will be the Voskhod research institute.

Implementation of the project is scheduled for 2022-2024. The system will be put into pilot operation in 2023.

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