Russia proposes to give gamers deferment from the army

The Federation of Computer Sports of Russia has put forward a package of proposals to support cybersport, which includes the possibility of deferment from the army for cyber athletes, the news agency TASS, citing the president of the federation Dmitry Smith.

After a meeting of the State Duma working group on cybersports, Dmitry Smith told reporters:

We have developed a whole package of proposals to support cybersports. There is pressure right now, many athletes are trying to be lured away. We are not saying that all cyber athletes should not serve, there will be a deferment, but then, when the time comes, let them serve in a specialized company. Fine motor skills are important there, and with modern weaponry, where decisions have to be made in tenths of a second, they can benefit and maximize the effect on the homeland.”

The federation also offers to provide Russian cybersportsmen with non-competitive selection to universities in Bachelor’s and Specialist’s degree programs. For this purpose, gamers must show high results in international competitions.

Recall that cybersports received official status in Russia in 2017, when the Ministry of Sports issued an order on its inclusion in the main register of sports. The Moscow State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism even has a specialty “Theory and Methodology of Computer Sports”.

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