Russia is not threatened by a shortage of televisions? 80% of TVs on the market are made in Russia

According to the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of electrical household and computer equipment, about 80% of televisions on the Russian market are made in Russia. And locally assembled refrigerators and washing machines occupy 90% of the market.

Not everything is so rosy with monitors – about 35% of the models on the market are locally produced. All products, according to Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, are also exported. “The association calls the Russian market of consumer electronics one of the most legal and understandable,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

The ministry also added that the industry can qualify for such support measures as subsidies for R&D, subsidies for discounts on power tools and the development of design documentation for components, as well as preferential loans from the Industry Development Fund. In addition, backbone enterprises can receive preferential loans.

Nevertheless, even though production is carried out in Russia, it is still not 100% localized. For example, the recent halt in the assembly of Samsung and LG televisions in Russia is due to the lack of matrixes. The companies are now solving complex logistical problems in order to continue to deliver the missing components to their factories. The same is true for automakers.

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