Russia has created a robot for rescuing astronauts in outer space

Scientists at Samara National Research University named after S.P. Korolev have developed a project for a robotic complex designed to automatically rescue astronauts who find themselves in a dangerous situation in open space – without a safety harness aboard the space station.

According to the Roscosmos press service, many devices have been created in the world to move astronauts in space. However, they have a disadvantage: the total mass of the astronaut, the spacesuit, and the device for moving in outer space is large, and therefore a large supply of compressed gas used in jet engines is required.

The robotic nanosatellite complex, when the astronaut loses contact with the spacecraft automatically or at the command of the astronaut-observer, will activate the “rescue” mode and calculate the optimal intercept trajectory. After that it will launch a nanosatellite rescuer, which delivers a rescue rope to the astronaut.

After approaching the cosmonaut, the satellite will automatically (or manually) dock with the space suit’s docking device, the maneuvering unit will compensate the rotation, then the winch will be activated, winding up the rope, and the rescued cosmonaut will be brought aboard;

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