Russia has already started selling iPhones with Sberbank Online installed

As we wrote earlier, SberBank’s mobile apps have been removed from the App Store online app store. This happened as a result of the new blocking sanctions imposed last week on Sberbank and Alfa-Bank by the United States.

After deleting apps from the App Store, iPhone and iPad users who already have Sberbank Online (or other Sberbank apps) installed won’t feel any changes unless they delete the app from their device. Or they don’t want to roll the settings back to the factory settings or buy a new gadget. Then they won’t be able to install the app again or on a new Apple device.

The situation could not help but take advantage of resellers and other “enterprising” people. In Russia, they have already started selling iPhones with SberBank Online pre-installed. For example, there are already about seven hundred such offers on Avito for Moscow. The prices vary a lot and go up to half a million rubles. Sometimes not even for the newest model.

Sberbank itself recommends not panicking, not removing apps from devices, and if this does happen, to use the web version of Sberbank Online, which is optimized for mobile devices.

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