“Rostec localizes a 500-horsepower engine for KAMAZ and other Russian manufacturers

Sergey Chemezov, head of Rostec, said that the state corporation will localize a new six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 400 to 500 hp. He added that such engines will be in demand not only at KAMAZ, but also at other Russian vehicle manufacturers. Sergey Chemezov reminded that by 2023 KAMAZ intends to produce fully localized K5 generation vehicles.

At the moment, due to sanctions and a halt in the supply of imported components, the bulk of KAMAZ’s production is comprised of Euro-5 generation K3 trucks. Production of vehicles of K4 and K5 generations is also continuing, but it is held back by small stocks of components. That is why today the company’s main efforts are aimed at localization of imported components and work with alternative Russian suppliers.

According to KAMAZ CEO Sergey Kogogin, the company plans to start assembling K5 vehicles from January 2023 without the participation of foreign partners. The initial volume of produced trucks will be small, but the company does not plan to give up on the promising line of vehicles, in the development of which a lot of time and money has been invested.

Also the company’s management is taking a number of measures to organize the supply of components for the K4 line so that the assembly of these vehicles, which are in demand on the market, will continue on the KAMAZ assembly line until the end of this year.

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