Roskomnadzor demands that Wikipedia remove information from Putin’s article

Roskomnadzor sent two notices to the administration of Wikipedia about the distribution of information in violation of the law in the main article about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Roskomnadzor has ordered the removal of the “unreliable information”.

Yesterday Roskomnadzor sent two more notices, both for the article “Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovich”. They don’t like the sections “Relations with Ukraine (2021-present)” and “After Invasion of Ukraine (2022).


Wikipedia clarified that Roskomnadzor found that the article contained “information materials containing inaccurate information about the purpose and form of the special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to protect the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.”

Such publications can contribute to destabilizing the situation, as well as creating conditions for mass violations of public order and public safety on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Earlier this week, Roskomnadzor sent a notice to the Russian-language Wikipedia in which the regulator demands the removal of 10 images deemed pornographic by the agency.

Prior to that, the regulator had three times sent a demand to Wikipedia to remove misleading information about the events in Ukraine. We wrote about two of the three cases.

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