Roskomnadzor creates national system of protection against DDoS-attacks

Roskomnadzor plans to create a national system of protection against DDoS attacks. The idea arose after Russian companies were unable to cope with massive hacker attacks after the start of a special operation.

A national system to protect against DDoS attacks could emerge in the fall of 2022. By that time, the agency intends to upgrade Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) equipment, which is used to enforce the law on the sovereign Internet. Now Roskomnadzor is discussing the details of the project with the supplier of the equipment.

The law on the sovereign Internet came into force on November 1, 2019. It assumes that Russia has a functioning infrastructure that ensures uninterrupted operation of the Russian segment of the Internet even if the country is disconnected from the global network and cyber attacks.

In the first days of the escalating situation in Ukraine, Russia’s IT infrastructure was subjected to massive cyberattacks that temporarily disabled the websites of various government agencies. Therefore, the authorities are now working on different scenarios to protect the Russian segment of the Internet from external threats at the national level.

The equipment used to enforce the law on the sovereign Internet already includes functionality to protect against DDoS attacks. However, the Main Radio Frequency Center (GRCZ, a subordinate institution of Roskomnadzor) has developed only a few signatures (samples of attack types) for it, to which the equipment should respond, so it is not possible to provide quality protection.

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