Review of Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D contact grill with double-sided removable panels and timer

The Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D is a 3-in-1 appliance. It combines the functions of grill, oven and barbecue fryer, so you can use it to fry a classic steak or steak, bake something and cook a lot of delicious things for a large company on the open panels.

The contact grill promises even heating on both sides from 80 to 230 °C in 5 °C increments and controlling cooking without your input thanks to a shut-off timer. The removable double-sided grill panels are non-stick coated, so you can grill on them without adding oil. A distinctive feature of this model is the possibility to heat only one cooking surface.


Manufacturer Redmond
Model RGM-M819D
Type Electric contact grill
Country of manufacture China
Guarantee 1 year
Lifetime* 3 years
Power 2000 W
Control type mechanical
Case Material plastic, metal
Panel Coating Non-stick
Removable Panels Yes
Grease Collection Tray yes
Temperature settings 80-230 °C in 5 °C steps
Automatic modes no
Operating modes Pressure grill, barbecue grill, mini oven
Timer yes
Features Two-sided panels, display, timer
Working panel dimensions (W×H) 32×22 cm
Appliance weight 5.23 kg
Device dimensions (W×HW×G) 35.5×17×34 cm
Mains cable length 1 м
Retail offers

* Contrary to popular misconception, this is not a deadline after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D contact grill appeared in our laboratory packed in a large box of thick cardboard. Stylish, designed in the traditional Redmond design package contains detailed information about the model, its technical characteristics and key features. On the front side there is a large picture of the grill with appetizing steaks and patties, showing both sides of the panels: fluted and flat.

The box was not equipped with a carrying handle. Inside was the grill itself, assembled, user manual and warranty card. In the package, the device was wrapped in polyethylene and fixed in a fixed position by two foam tabs.

At first glance.

Stylish laconic body of the grill is made of metal and a small amount of plastic. The design of Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D is traditional for devices of this type: the base and hinged lid.

With a metal bent up handle, the lid is easy to open and held steadily in any position, and when the panels are opened 180°, it also serves as a support.

The metal cover is engraved with the company logo, the name of the series to which our model belongs, and a small “hot” icon. The bright sticker removes easily and without a trace. Round rotary joystick (encoder) to change the temperature and cooking time, control buttons and display are located as usual – at the bottom of the device on the front side.

On the back side of the case there is a sliding tray where the grease will drain from the panels along a special groove. Tray is placed in a plastic tray, which protrudes beyond the base of the grill, preventing the installation of the grill close to the wall, to protect its surface from exposure to high temperatures. On the cover, on the back and on the side there are slits of ventilation holes.

Next to the grease tray we see the cable connecting the top and bottom panels. The 1 meter long power cord comes out from the side of one of the legs.

The bottom of the grill has ventilation holes, a sticker with technical information and six legs, four of which have rubber pads. There are recesses on the sides for easy carrying.

The 32×22 cm double-sided removable working plates are made of nonstick-coated metal. One side is grooved, the other is flat. It is possible to swap the panels. The panels are fixed with clips, and removed by pressing the special buttons located on the side on the right side, on the lid and on the base of the case.

Underneath the panels are the heating elements built into the housing.

Visually, the Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D contact grill made a pleasant impression on us. We did not have any complaints about the quality of assembly and execution of parts of the device.


All you need to know about the correct and safe operation of the grill, its construction, technical characteristics and maintenance rules can be read in the manual. Useful information about Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D is presented in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh. The text is written in simple language and supplemented with schematic images of the device.

In addition to the instructions, the grill comes with a book of 55 recipes with colorful illustrations. Thanks to the fact that the recipes in the table of contents are divided into categories, it will not be difficult to find recommendations for cooking your favorite dish. In addition to the book, you can read the recipes in the brand app “Cooking with Redmond”.


Admittedly, we were so eager to get started testing that we didn’t even look at the instructions before we started using the grill. Everything worked at once and without much thought, from which we conclude – the operation is simple and intuitive.

The Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D has the ability to heat only one panel, and there are no automatic frying modes.

After connecting the device to the mains, it shows the inscription “Off” – the grill is in standby mode. The first three buttons on the control panel are equipped with indicators. Use them to select the heating mode: two panels, upper or lower. At the stage of selecting parameters and before the start of heating, the indicator of the selected mode will flash.

After selecting the mode, the display will show the default temperature and time values. During the setting, the temperature value will flash and the time value will light up continuously. The temperature is set by turning the joystick in the range from 80 to 220 °C if one panel is selected and up to 230 °C if both are operated, in steps of 5 °C.

To go to the time setting press the encoder. Now the time value will start flashing, and the temperature digits will light up continuously. Setting the cooking time, similar to the temperature mode, is done by rotating the joystick. The time is set in the range from 30 seconds to 60 minutes in increments of 30 seconds.

After adjusting the time and temperature, press Start and PrE will appear on the display to indicate that heating has started. When the grill has reached the set temperature it will emit five short beeps and the PrE text will change to alternating temperature and time values. The appliance is ready for operation, you only need to put the food on the panel, close the lid and start the cooking process by pressing the Start button.

After the preset time has elapsed, the appliance will notify you that the food is ready with beeps and will turn off. Cooking can be stopped manually at any time with the Cancel button.


Before using the grill, wipe the body of the grill with a damp cloth and wash the removable parts with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution. Dry all parts thoroughly and place the appliance on a hard, dry surface, making sure that the hot steam escaping from under the lid does not come into contact with wallpaper, decorations, electronic devices or other materials that could be affected by the increased humidity and temperature.

There were no extraneous odors the first time I started the unit. Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D worked properly all the three weeks we had it for testing, delighting us with its easy operation and excellent results of the prepared dishes.

We did not use oil in any of the tests, thanks to the non-stick coating of the working plates nothing burned or stuck. They were easy to clean and even if we left them soiled for 24 hours, we had no difficulty in cleaning them.

The outer surface of the lid during the frying process is noticeably hot, but not scalding – in 10 minutes of operation at maximum temperature it was heated to 65 °C. The protruding part of the base above the control panel is slightly warm, it is convenient to lean on it with your free hand when opening the lid. The knob is not warm at all.

The placement of the grease drip tray is well thought out – nothing spills past. The surface of the table around the grill always stayed clean.

The device allows you to change the time and temperature settings right in the cooking process. The joystick rotates smoothly and due to the ribbed surface prevents your fingers from slipping.

We only found out that the grill does not heat up or overheats the panels in some places by measuring the temperature with a special device. Seeing the results of the tests, and most importantly, tasting everything cooked, we came to the conclusion that the uneven heating of the panels does not affect the quality of cooked food.


The care of the grill consists in the timely cleaning of the working panels. The instructions recommend that without waiting for the appliance to cool down, carefully, without touching the hot surface, place a damp towel or cloth on them and close the lid. After three to five minutes, open the grill, remove the cloth and wipe the surface of the panels with a dry soft cloth or paper towel. Alternatively, you can wait for the panels to cool, remove them from the grill and wash them under running water with a soft sponge and neutral detergent, along with the plastic grease tray. Washing the panels and the tray in the dishwasher is not forbidden. The use of chemically aggressive substances and sponges with a hard scratch coating is prohibited.

Our measurements

To measure the temperature of the panels, we set the grill to maximum (230 °C), waited for the beep, and measured the temperature of each panel at nine points with a pyrometer. The results of the measurements are presented in tables. Let’s imagine that the table is the panel we are looking at from above, standing in front of the grill.

Top panel.

219 °C 235 °C 222 °C
210 °C 245 °C 216 °C
200 °C 209 °C 210 °C

Bottom panel

213 °C 217 °C 213 °C
214 °C 238 °C 205 °C
208 °C 229 °C 206 °C

The grill does not heat the panels sufficiently in places, and in some places it clearly exceeds the set temperature (230 °C).

The maximum power consumption of the appliance as recorded by the wattmeter was 2027 watts. Constant consumption to maintain the operation of the indicator is 0.2 W.

The grill was heated to a maximum temperature of 230 °C for 4.5 minutes with the lid closed. To 180 °C, 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

Practical tests.

As practical tests, we cooked the following dishes with the Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D:

  1. Chicken fillet
  2. Cutlets
  3. Tuna fillet steaks
  4. Barbecue (sausages, vegetables and mushrooms)
  5. Stew

Chicken fillet

Based on the recommendations in the recipe book, we cooked the fillet at 180 °C for 6 minutes.

Absolutely, you can’t fry white chicken meat in a pan like that. The fillet turned out juicy, well-cooked and, importantly, not overdried.

Result: excellent.


Ground beef cutlets were fried on a flat panel in single surface heating mode. We set the temperature to 200 °C and the timer to 20 minutes. When the set temperature was reached, the grill beeped five times and we placed the cutlets on the grill.

Turning every 5 minutes, we cooked the cutlets until fully cooked.

The result was juicy, flavorful cutlets, and zero used oil.

Result: excellent.

Tuna fillet steaks

The steaks were rubbed on both sides with salt and spices and fried with the lid closed for 1 minute at 230 °C.

As in the previous test, here too we took into consideration the recommended parameters from the recipe book.

If there is a desire to get a more raw inside steak, it is worth reducing the time and temperature. We did that with the second batch of steaks. The temperature was reduced to 200 °C and the cooking time was reduced to 45 seconds.

Result: excellent.

Barbecue (sausages, vegetables and mushrooms)

We opened the panels to 180° and turned on the heat to 200°C. As soon as the grill beeped, we put out the sausages, zucchini, eggplant, and mushrooms.

All the foods roasted evenly, the sausages took about 8-10 minutes, the vegetables and mushrooms took about 15. The vegetables sealed on the outside and stayed tender on the inside, and the sausages became ruddy and juicy.

Result: excellent.


A turkey stew with potatoes and mushrooms will show us how the grill works as an oven. The ingredients were cut into small pieces, sprinkled with spices and salt, mixed, placed in a greased foil mold, covered with foil and folded the edges.

The temperature and cooking time parameters we picked up again in the recipe book were 160 °C and 26 minutes.

The stew succeeded. The potatoes baked perfectly and the turkey was tender.

Result: excellent.


The Redmond SteakMaster RGM-M819D contact grill successfully passed all the tests and we definitely liked it.

The grill as a grill is great for barbecue parties, it’s also good as a mini oven and absolutely great for traditional use. The uneven heating of the panels did not affect the quality of the cooked food, all grilled equally well and fairly quickly. The simple operation, the timer and the convenience of design in general, we can attribute to the unambiguous pluses.


  • fast heating
  • Easy operation and convenient design
  • Ability to turn on the heating of only one surface
  • Adjustment of heating temperature and cooking time is available at any stage
  • Removable work panels that can be washed in the dishwasher


  • The heating of the panels cannot be called even
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