Prostasy Avtovaz raises salaries for employees

A meeting of the conciliation commission was held yesterday, at which the management of AvtoVAZ and representatives of the trade union organization decided to raise wage rates and salaries of the employees.

The annual indexation of tariff rates and salaries is determined by the performance of the enterprise and the growth of the value of the living wage of the able-bodied population in the Samara region. It is carried out annually on July 1.

This year it was decided to increase employees’ salaries as early as June 1, 2022. Taking into account all the factors considered, the increase in wage rates and salaries will be 9%. Last year, AvtoVAZ indexed employee wage rates and salaries by 6%.

In addition, it was decided to pay a bonus of 3 thousand rubles to employees of the company, working as of April 29, 2022. In this way the plant emphasized the contribution of the AvtoVAZ staff in ensuring the operation of the enterprise in difficult economic conditions.

Last week, Avtovaz went on another corporate vacation, which was scheduled to end on May 11. This week, however, the plant went from vacation to downtime.

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