Production of KAMAZ trucks is planned in Argentina

A member of the Argentine-Russian Business Club, Paulie Cousiño, confirmed that talks are continuing at the moment about the possibility of building a plant to assemble KAMAZ trucks in the South American republic. Paulie Cousiño plans to go to Moscow in the near future to discuss the prospects of the project.

The head of the municipality of José Clemente Paz near Buenos Aires, Mario Alberto Ishi, suggested a local industrial park as a site for the plant. In addition, an Argentine partner company has already been selected for the possible project. According to Cousiño, the Argentinean side expects that the products will be supplied not only to the local market, but also to other South American markets. The situation around Ukraine did not affect Argentina’s desire to implement the project.

There are restrictions because of the sanctions that have been imposed on Russia, but we understand that this is temporary. We want to start building relations between KAMAZ and Argentina now, and I think this is the right time.

Paulie Cousinho

It was recently reported that KAMAZ plans to start producing cars in Myanmar.

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