Production incubator for technology business will appear near Novosibirsk

Alexey Logvinsky, Executive Director of the Akademgorodok Technopark Foundation, told TASS that the first production incubator for small high-tech business development in Russia will appear on the site of Novosibirsk Technopark in the village of Lozhok. It will differ from similar projects by being equipped with the necessary equipment for the first serial production of young companies.

“We are good at bringing zero-stage projects up to prototyping, up to market entry; we have the necessary infrastructure for that, the infrastructure for R&D. And then, when the company needs to set up small production, there are still non-permanent orders, we need production space. The idea is to create such a production incubator at the new site of the technology park, so that companies could move forward at the stage when they already need a series of products, when there are already orders,” said Logvinsky.

He added that the new shared-use center would be equipped with machines, forklifts and other equipment on which a young high-tech business could produce the first series of products for a customer while it does not have enough capital to open its own production facilities. According to the interlocutor of the agency, there are no such industrial incubators in Russia at the moment. At the moment, Akadempark management is preparing to start building the engineering infrastructure for the new site, after which the design and construction of buildings will begin.

In 2021, the Ministry of Science of the Novosibirsk region reported an acute shortage of space for technopark residents. To solve the problem, a new Akadempark site will be prepared in the Novosibirsk village of Lozhok, where by 2025 it is planned to build premises for high-tech business on an area of 3.5 hectares.

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