“Preventive Action. Ola Electric recalls more than 1,400 scooters due to recent fires

Ola Electric today officially announced that it is recalling more than 1,400 of its electric scooters following recent fires in India.

According to Reuters, the company is recalling electric scooters after a government investigation into fires involving its electric scooters. There have been many recent incidents of electric scooter fires in India. These incidents have not only involved Ola Electric scooters, but also Okinawa and Pure EVs. However, Okinawa also recalled its electric scooters in India after these fires.

At this point, most of these incidents are believed to be caused by overheating of electric vehicle batteries, as well as a lack of proper safety measures and design flaws. Thus, this has prompted the Indian Ministry of Road Transport to call on the Center for Fire, Explosion and Environmental Safety (CFEES) to launch an investigation into these incidents to find out the root cause and prevent such situations in the future.

Ola Electric said in a statement, “We will be conducting detailed diagnostics and performance testing on the scooters in this particular batch and are therefore voluntarily recalling 1,441 scooters.” The brand also added that the fire was an isolated incident and these recalls are only a “preventative measure.”

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